What’s in it for you? Why would you do it? Well, I’m glad you brought it up. I guess it really boils down to one main reason. Great sex.

Simplistic? Hell yes, but it’s a short answer that needs a bit of illumination thrown upon it.

Life, love and relationships aren’t just about sex. Obviously it goes without saying that it’s pretty important though. But with relationships come complications, dramas, attachment, hysteria, and all sorts of melodrama that you may not want it your life.

Most young ladies between the ages of 19-25 (possibly it extends a few years either way) are keen to explore their sexuality with a variety of partners with no strings attached. There’s some merit in doing things this way, as who knows, you might just stumble on to mister perfect for you, but it’s unlikely. The reason women often explore their sexuality in this way is that there’s no ongoing emotional baggage commitment. They can go on a date, have a good time at a club and spend a night with a man, and then get back to whatever it is that they need to do during the week without distraction and complications.

This suits a lot of ladies who are more focused on their studies and/or careers and don’t want the distraction of a full time boyfriend.

A more daring and adventurous option is to be the mistress to a married man. This has definitely got some benefits if your time and freedom are important to you. Firstly, you’ll be able to spend more time with him on a ‘no strings attached’ basis without the risk of him wanting to be your boyfriend. He’ll be more likely to be striving to satisfy you sexually and more willing to experiment with you and help you develop. If you’re bisexual, he’ll be the better man to share a female friend with, as there’s less of a sense of possession. Do that with your boyfriend and you’ll never know if you alone can satisfy him again afterwards.

If you’re not ready for a real relationship yet, you might be ready for an affair!

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