I was doing a little bit of browsing about the web the other night (which is so rare for me that it’s actually worth noting) and came across an interesting article. Can’t remember where I saw it or how I landed on it, but it really struck home, and at the same time it really opened my eyes to a whole new and bizarre thought.

Some women want their husband’s to have an affair.

Hmmmmm. Interesting huh? First thing I thought was surely this person must be high. Why would someone want to be cheated on. But when you dig deeper there’s actually a nice shiny grain of truth at the centre of this idea.

Relax, I’ve done the hard thinking on this so you don’t have to. The reason that some women want their husbands to have an affair is that it gives them the moral high ground to sue for divorce. Sinister maybe? But women have amazingly complex minds, and the more you analyse it, the more something about it seems to feel right. (Feel right, heaps scientific, aren’t I?)

If your wife is unhappy and has basically fallen out of love with you, she may not want to be the one to initiate a separation. There’s all sorts of icky public stigma that come with leaving your partner, especially if he’s a really nice normal guy, and especially if he’s a great father. Don’t get me wrong here, if he’s a drunk who beats the kids, then I’ll be the first in line to congratulate a woman for leaving a loser. But if he’s a nice guy, but she just doesn’t love him anymore, it raises all sorts of eyebrows. Like, what the hell’s wrong with her, doesn’t she realise how great that guy is?

However, if her great devoted husband has an affair, she can be the victim in everyone’s eyes of that selfish no good man of hers. In fact, now that we think of it, why did she marry him in the first place. Better yet, maybe we need to teach him a lesson. Hell, let’s go around his place and beat the stuffing out of him!

There’s a lot of ways that this can be acheived. I think it’s always got a lot to do with intimacy. Not necessarily intercourse, but just a sense of intimate intent if you will. If this is withdrawn for a long period of time, I think that most men will just accept it as their lot, a smaller amount will have an affair with someone by chance (drunk at the christmas party), another percentage will seek out an affair in order to have it discovered and leave their wife. And then there’s the final percentage, who, like me, are crafty and careful enough to have several mistresses and also maintain a happy family life.