Can you remember when you first got to know your wife/husband, and how those first few months of sexual exploration were the greatest and most enthralling parts of the relationship. Imagine being able to go through that experience time and time again. That is one of the reasons why I do the whole thing. The risk is high, but the reward is truly enriching. All those encounters, the anticipation, the lust, the satiation, are so amazing that I lack the skill to adequately write about them.

Half of the excitement is the fact that there’s the daring thrill that you’re doing something that’s illicit. Not illegal, but I think the chance of discovery adds an element of sizzle and passion to the whole experience. One tip I’ll impart in this post is that you should never go out to eat in the same suburb, let alone the same establishments that you visit with your partner. It’s too easy to have someone recognise you and unmask your ruse at an unfortunate time.