Ladies listen up. Passion gone out of the marriage? Got the children you wanted with the ideal father for them? Well, here’s an important question for you:

Do you still feel any physical attraction towards your partner or is he just useful to have around?

I get the feeling with a lot of marriages the husband is just a convenient lifestyle accessory. They help bring in an income, help with the kids, and do chores around the house. I’ve really noticed this situation a lot in my marriage over the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with my wife, despite the numerous affairs I’m having, but I know deep down that she’s lost all feelings of lust towards me. And not just me, but everyone.

I’ve actually taken a bit of time off of seeing my mistresses in the last couple of weeks just to do a few things around the house before the cooler months set in. I built a nice jarrah deck so we’ve got a little outdoor eating area and a place to relax when we get the time. I think it was then that it hit me, I’m just a really handy guy to have around the house. I built the deck, got the kids involved helping me, and did a whole stack of back breaking work to make our house a lot nicer. Experts say that it’s these sort of things that help to stoke the fires of passion in a relationship. Well, not this one. You’d think if anything would turn on the fires of passion, it’d be that sort of level of involvement.

Not even a glimmer.

It’s almost as if we’ve got a cordial professional relationship now, with me playing the role of provider, and her managing the household. Bit sad really, as I’m much more involved with our kids than pretty much any other father is with their’s. Plus, I also do a bucket load of stuff around the house.

So, how did this all happen? Well, I think when I look at my in-laws I can see the same thing there, and to an even greater extent my own parents have a very retarded relationship. The difference is that I decided to use my parents example as a negative image that I didn’t want to emulate, where my wife never consciously went against hers. Just musings at the moment, as I’m in no way qualified to do a truly accurate analysis of the picture.

So I guess this is another way I justify having an affair. If I can’t find passion in the arms of my wife, I’ll fulfill that need in the arms of my mistress. So ladies, if you’re husband has managed to slide into the ‘useful to have around’ pigeon hole, maybe you’ve got to look at some counselling, or have a bit of a re-think about what you want from your marriage. Because I can guarantee you that he’s not happy, and he may be looking at a way to have an affair.