This one is obviously directed at the ladies out there. Not that I’ve got a problem with people having their own sexual preferences. To each their own I say!

One of my mistresses was talking about another guy she was thinking of seeing. Now, people might think that’s a little bit weird that we’re discussing that, but I’m a very open minded kind of guy. I’m happy if they can find someone to be happy with as I make it very clear up front that I will not be their life partner as that position is already filled for me.

So, I’m always keen to hear if they’re about to see anyone, and if they are I leave them alone to go off and do it. It’s as though their need for me has passed, they’ve had the fun, and now want all the other things that you’re supposed to get from a partner. You know, all the emotional bond, family, etc… rather than just gifts of jewelry and sexy lingerie.

What was fascinating (at least to me) was that this other man already had a girlfriend. I asked her if it was the sense of competition that drove her to be attracted to men who already have a partner and she shook her head.

“You see, it’s like this. If they’ve already got a partner, you know that they’re at least a little bit domesticated and don’t do things like chew their food with their mouth open. It’s all in the little things.” She said.

“So they’ve been housetrained?” I asked.

“That, and you know that they are going to be a bit discreet and secret about the whole thing, which makes it both lower risk and lower commitment and no hard feelings if you don’t want to see them again after a few dates.”

So this is why it is important to obey the golden rules of using protection when involved in this sort of behavior, as you just never know who your mistress may also be seeing.

But come on, if you thought it would be simple to have an affair, then you’re kidding yourself from the beginning.