So, I think the alternate title to this is how do you meet the mistress?

Two key approaches and two key strategies it depends on the outcome you want. From my personal experience I’ve got the two lovers who I’ve met in real life, and they are long term. I’ve also currently just begun seeing another young lady who works in the service station near my house (very close to violating a rule of not having them interact in any way with your spouse) which I think will be more a short term thing for both of us. Time will tell.

As far as the internet goes, it’s the promised land as far as I’m concerned for discerning bon vivant such as myself. The great thing is that you can pursue both long term and short term affairs and I do this depending on my travel arrangements. So, when the band’s on the road, I spend some time a few weeks before hand introducing myself to as many interesting ladies who live in the locations that we’ll be travelling.

So when we did a gig in Sydney last week I managed to catch up with three lovely young ladies and spent some quality time with them. (Hi there Kasey, Rachel and Steph). This is out of five potential contacts that I pursued, so it was a worth putting in the effort to find time to communicate with them.

The key thing is don’t use regular dating sites. My fave is in the resources box, and it’s one that I use on my mobile phone (the secret one, not my regular one – I’ll detail why this is important in a future post. Also, this site looks pretty reasonable on a mobile, try it some time and let me know.) is the following:

They cater specifically to the unfaithful market, and so you can feel a little bit more secure in the knowledge that they’re ok with the idea of infidelity. Perfect advice for how to have an affair and my special tip to you is to focus on people who’ve joined recently, as they are the ones with the itch that needs to be scratched.