Well, in an unexpected turn of events I actually got a little bit of affection from my wife. Who would have thought after over 14 months that Mother’s Day would break the drought.

It’s actually made for a few too many conflicting emotions in my head to be honest. I’ve been very, ahem, prolific lately with my extra curricular activities as I’m prowling the turf on a new dating site. (Which I’ll detail more about another time). I’m at a bit of a record at the moment as far as having an affair goes. I’m actually trying to successfully have an affair with six women. Talk about spreading it thin.

Currently it’s synchronising with my schedule quite well. In fact, that’s an important thing to note (I’ll do a post about it another time). You need a few important things going for you if you want to successfully have an affair and not get caught. But that’s for later.

The interesting thing I noted last year at my favourite website was that there was a spike in membership straight after Mother’s Day. Which tells you one thing, that these women are not happy, and they had a level of expectation for what they’d get on Mother’s Day and it wasn’t fulfilled. So now, they’re keen to look elsewhere for satisfaction. Something important to remember though is that this desire will have a very short shelf life. If you’re not emailing these ladies within about a week of them joining they’ll disappear off the radar and go back to their mediocre lives with their mediocre husbands who don’t appreciate them.

That’s why you should fly my pretties, and give these ladies an adventure which will make everyone have a bit more of a smile on their faces for a few weeks. Go forth and wear one.