This blog is my resource and my confession.  I’m a happily married man who has been having extra marital affairs now for the last two years.  This is my story, and I welcome you to see into my soul and understand why and how I’ve done it.

Firstly, why?

Great question.  Why would I cheat on my wife?  Could it be genetic?  Could it be insecurity?  Could it be that I’m just an asshole?

Quite possibly all of these things play a part in it.  If I was to answer in my defense, I would say that it’s because the fire has gone out of the marraige.  After two (beautiful) children and the stress and physical trauma (and a fair portion of hormonal factors) my wife decided that celibacy was going to be her contraception of choice.

I never pressured her on the choice, but I have decided that I need passion in my life, and if she cannot be involved then I need to find someone else who is willing.

Why don’t we divorce?

Another good question.

Well, I still love her, and I love my kids and I don’t want to disrupt the family life that we have.  I know that seems insanely hypocritical, but deep down we’re all hypocrites and some of us accept it better than others do.

So, I’m going to tell my tale about how I’ve managed to have my affairs and successfully keep them a secret.