I’ve put together a list of resources and links for products and services that I’ll detail during posts and podcasts. 

If you click on one of these links an buy something I’ll get a commission, so that’d be swell.  It’s not huge, but I believe in being honest and transparent (well, as much as possible when talking about extra marital affairs and how to have them, I’m not exactly about to tell you my real name for what should be obvious reasons!) so I thought I’d let you know. 

It’s not much of a commission, but I’m hoping if enough people find this site and it’s information useful they’ll use this page and it’ll hopefuly one day cover the fees for hosting the podcast and site and help me fund my dalliances.

Having said all that, I’m ONLY going to put things in here that I have personal experience with and can truly recommend.  With each item I’ll give you a bit of a description as to my success rate with the product, and how you should go about using it.

Happy hunting!

Ashley Madison

This is my favourite site on the web.  And I mean the whole web.  I’ve had a massive amount of success on this site, and it’s very well tailored to the needs of the ‘married but looking to stray’ market.  You can go on virtual dates and get a substantial amount of the flirting done before you meet in person, and it’s very discreet the way they bill you.  My favourite feature is the ‘Travelling Man’ feature, where you can arrange a whole stack of rendezvous in a city that you’ll be travelling to.  As I have to travel a lot due to music and work, this has been my go to resource since 2009. Also, they offer an affair guarantee.  Tell me that’s not awesome!

Tip:  If you’re going to be talking to attached females on the site, be warned that they’re probably going to be quite reserved at first.  You need to really lay your cards out on the table and try and establish an initial chat session.  Remember, if they’re married they’ve got a lot to lose, so they need to be very careful.  That, and they’ll be looking for the things that they can’t get in their marriage, such as a sense of understanding and/or an emotional connection.  So don’t just send a whole stack of pic requests and then think they’re fake accounts when they don’t respond to it.  Go slow, and you’ll be rewarded.

There’s a science to using the internet to have affairs, and I’ll be endeavouring to help you understand the best way to go about it.