Ok, here’s my criteria for selecting a potential mistress. This can possibly be applied to selecting either sex, but I think it works a bit different for women looking for men to cheat with. Any man with a pulse is probably willing, but you’ll have to refine it down a little bit more yourselves. Any women readers having affairs please feel free to email me your choosing criteria.

However, I’ll stick with what I know.

Rule 1 – Age

19-25 is the age bracket I stick to, as once women get to 19, they’re usually not virgins and are often keen to explore their sexuality without any strong commitments. Once they slide towards 26 onwards the start feeling the compulsion to have a family and find some solidity in their relationship. That’s why you want to avoid the 26-33 bracket unless they are in an unfulfilling but permanent (ie. they’ve got kids) relationship and just want to have some more love and affection in their lives. But tread warily here, it can all too easily go pear shaped if you’re not careful and don’t cover your tracks.

Rule 2 – They don’t know your wife/husband

This is one that I have broken, but I now follow it religilously so to speak. If they know your partner, it can become a competition. And competition leads to jealousy, which leads to confrontations and accusations. If they know them in a very loose way, as in, there kids go to the same school as yours and they pick up and drop off all the time that’s not too much of a problem. It’s when they go out together and attend social things together and could be considered mild friends that it develops the capacity to be a huge problem.

Rule 3 – Attractiveness

Well we’re taking a risk aren’t we? You wouldn’t want to risk everything for a mediocre reward would you? Shallow? Yes. But if I’m risking everything it needs to be for someone who is very sexy indeed. But ironically not too sexy. Too sexy is too noticeable. And yes, I enjoy not making sense.

Thus endeth the three rules of selection.