Well, I’ve been in London for a week now prepping for a bit of a UK/Euro tour with one of the bands. I managed to come down incredibly sick for the flights, and was writhing around like a junkie going through withdrawal for most of the flights and for the walk through customs. Had the full strip search treatment in Heathrow so I must have looked like shit. Some pretty full on questioning, followed by a urine test, and I volunteered to submit my hair for drug testing (my hair’s about 2-3 feet long so any drugs would show up from the last six or so years) and finally after all that and a consult with a doctor and they all agreed that I was just very sick (and not importing a kilo of heroin in my rectum) and let me go.

So that was an interesting start to the UK. Other than that, I have to say I’m not overly impressed with the place. Don’t get me wrong, I come from and now live in an absolutely piss ant town compared to London, but it just reeks of disorganisation. Whatever, I’m sure you’re not here to read my social commentary. Unless you did a search on askjeeves or something and it randomly came back with this site.

The band have been in full rehearsal mode from 10am to 7pm everyday and we’re really hitting our straps performance wise. Fingers crossed some people will turn up to the shows!

I went on my first date the other night, courtesy of a few weeks back and forth via messaging at a new dating site I’m trying out. It was a bit of a surreal situation. Firstly, she brought a female friend with her I assumed as a bodyguard in case I was mental. Safety in numbers, you know. We had a couple of pre dinner drinks and then the entree and the flirting was in full swing. We just finished ordering the main course at a rather swish London restaurant when the second young lady burst out with ‘Do you wanna get high and go fuck?’

I surprisingly managed to keep my cool and not look flustered.

My reply: ‘To the first, no, to the second, sure’.

So the new website has paid a double dividend. What a glorious start to the tour.

I’m meeting up with them again tonight, and I’ve got a second rendezvous with a different candidate planned for this Friday. Wish me luck!