Well, aren’t you going to congratulate me? After several weeks of excessive flirting and grooming a potential mistress, and a healthy dose of gifts I’ve now secured myself a new mistress to play with. It’s a tricky one to fit in, but currently I’m seeing Anita only once a fortnight, and Brittany once every few months on average, and I figured I could fit in someone on the off weeks from Anita. So, I managed to arrange my schedule of commitments to allow about 4 hours on a saturday morning to my new mistress.

Let me tell you what’s awesome about my new mistress. Firstly, she’s a stunning 19 year old asian, with just the most devious little smile on her. Secondly, she’s not interested in a ‘serious’ relationship.

When she told me that I replied:
“Sounds perfect, I’m only interested in having a mistress to indulge. But probably only short term, just in case you go a bit psycho on me and get all attached.”

Ah, yes, the joy of the completely unexpected reply. Works 90% of the time.

And lastly, the best thing about her is that she’s completely open about what she wants from me.

“Romance me, give me gifts, but mostly give me orgasms.”

“Your wish is my command.”