Okay, lately I’ve been analysing some of the common traits of the mistresses that I’ve currently got, and I’ve come to a few interesting conclusions. There’s a specific type of girl who wants to be a mistress. I’m now going to dedicate myself to finding out the balance of the traits that they share, as I hope it will tell me how to identify potential candidates.

For the ladies who want a few criteria to help them select an ideal man to purue for an affair I’ll keep it brief. Generally all they need is a pulse, and they are a target. Got it?

Back to the guys, here’s the things I’m noticing about my mistresses.

Firstly, they have a huge desire for a bit of adventure. They’ve all led relatively sheltered lives even if they don’t think that they have (let’s face it, every girl will describe in vivid detail the horrors of their teenage years and how scarred they are from it). The biggest crises is usually things that fall into the ‘first world problems’ category on any joke site. Huge issues such as their parents didn’t let them go out to nightclubs when they were 14 like some of their friends. You know, that type of drama.

Secondly they are often high achievers. With that comes the competitive drive to be the best at things. This is a big part of the lure of either cheating on their partner or also claiming an attached man to be a mistress to. It’s the thrill of the conquest, the sensation that they can have whatever man they want, even if someone else has them already. The more unattainable they are, the more that they seem desirable. Weird, huh?

Thirdly, they think that all their friends are doing it, and they don’t want to be left out. Oh, the joys of peer pressure. The funny thing is, that a lot of their friends probably are doing it, just usually not the ones who say they are. You know what they say, it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch out for!

Fourth, and final odd trait that I’ve noticed amongst my mistresses is that none of them are interested in anything more than an affair. They don’t pressure me to leave my family, and the key thing that I’ve noticed is that they don’t even ask about my family unless I bring them up first. Often I’ll cancel an encounter if one of my kids is sick, or there’s something special on that I want to attend, and whilst they’re disappointed, they never make an issue out of it.

Ironically I’ve found that the easier way to select a mistress is to just go online to a married dating site like this one:

It kind of takes a bit of the challenge out of the whole thing, but you know for sure that the ladies (or men, if the ladies are still reading) are looking to have an affair. It’s the whole point of the site. Pretty neat really, and I’m getting somewhat addicted to the place. In future posts, I’ll detail how I go about introducing myself and pursuing a candidate for an affair.