Having been on tour for what turned out to be a 3 month stretch around Europe and the UK I’ve been a very naughty boy and indulging in the attention of many different young women I’ve returned to Australia with a new view on the world of infidelity.

It all stems from a couple of questions, firstly:

1. What is the best type of affair to have? Is it a one night stand or an extended relationship with a mistress?

2. How do you maintain it?

Well buckle up for some more of my patented ‘No formal qualifications in which to legitimately offer advice’ advice. After really just smashing it over the last 3 months with multiple lovers things actually didn’t go to plan at all. I had this notion that I would maintain a couple of mistresses whilst in Europe and spend some quality time with them and lavish them with lots of presents. Instead, it somewhat degenerated into a (classy) European porno. When tempted I succumbed in a way that I wouldn’t do if I was in my regular city. Whilst away I really did play. And I think I’m a bit worse for it. Notwithstanding the risks that one night stands present to a marraige, it’s also not really fulfilling any real need for connection (other than ‘that’ kind of connection). I actually missed my wife and mistresses terribly, and I think it was because of the constant stream of different partners.

I’ve come to realise that for me, (and yes your mileage and requirements may vary) I really like the company of interesting women, and a successive string of one night stands really isn’t quality time. So I’ve gone back to my infidelity roots as it were, and decided that I’ll only maintain up to three mistresses at any one time. This will allow me to have that excitement that comes with a new lover, and at the same time be able to spoil her as much as I want to.