There’s so much danger in going down this road, and the most careful of people can still get caught out and lose everything. Here’s the main reason.

A naturally suspicious partner.


If your partner is naturally suspicious or a little bit posessive you’re cactus. Which is to say, you will not last long until you arouse their suspicions. Once that happens you are fighting a losing battle and if you’re lucky you’ll notice that they’ve noticed. In which case you can go into damage control. (I’ll be doing a damage control plan in weeks to come)

If they get an investigator to check into your behaviour you’re a goner. These people are trained professionals and they know how to find out every little dark secret. There’s a fair few tips that I’ll be giving in future posts about how to try and beat them, but they’re very, very good. Much better than you, and if you underestimate them, they will win. Complete shutdown is the only way to go.

Coming along soon I’ll be interviewing a few Private Investigators for the blog and the podcast. Know your enemy!