Lucky are we to have more than one woman who is romantically or physically (there’s a difference) involved with us. It is a fine line we walk between the desires of our genetics and our morals. Fortunately, humans have the wonderful ability to keep two sets of books going concurrently in our heads. We’re all hypocrites, yet not all of us can reconcile or admit it.

I’ve been re-adjusting my life lately in order to sustain a couple of ‘quality’ mistresses instead of multiple dalliances. The plan is to have one or two semi permanent mistresses and one or two rotating positions. How am I going to do this? Well, I’m glad I read your mind.

I’m restructuring by having dividing the amount of money that I spend on my lovers. The permanent ones I’ll spend a bit less on and see less frequently but more consistently (if that makes any sense?). So always once a month, but no more than twice a month. The rotating positions I’ll spend more time and money with but only let it last for 4-8 months. Then I’ll have a pause whilst trying to recruit more willing lovers.