Ok, maybe not quite yet, but I’m striking at a pretty impressive rate here over in the UK. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks rehearsing in London and I’ve really seized the day as far as making as many appointments with the ladies as possible. My current scheduling routine with the band allows me to spend the mornings pretty much saying goodbye or organising another liasion with whomever I spent the night with, then I head to the internet cafe (which I’m at as I type). I log in to my remote pc and contact some ladies and respond to any messages on the two affair dating sites I’m using whilst I’m over here away from my family and can run wild. I organise a lunch date with a prospective mistress, a late lunch/dinner with a different mistress who I’ve already met at least once for lunch. After this I usually take them shopping the second time and buy them some sexy lingerie. Then a late dinner and if all goes to plan a bedroom tour with a different mistress who’s already completed steps 1 and 2.

So I’m seeing three or sometimes four (see previous post) potential lovers a day, and sneaking in a few extra encounters with already established mistresses that include a nice gift and a quick romp between the sheets.

Fortunately we’re scaling back the rehearsal hours as we’re about to commence the shows, but I have another 10 days in which to fit in as much infidelity as my manhood can possibly manage. I don’t want to say that UK girls are easy, as that’s a vulgar thing to think. UK girls know what they want, and they’re not afraid of getting it.