This is a real sticky issue. How long to continue the dalliance without it turning around to bite you. It’s sort of like an unpredictable animal, you need to observe it closely in order to keep in control of the situation.

I’ve got two long term arrangements in place. Both have been over the year mark which is something I don’t recommend to everyone. The key is obviously in the other individual. If they’re the sort of person who’s just in it for the sex, ie a NSA FB. (If you don’t know what that means, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.) If that’s the case, then it can work for as long as you can keep the sex creative. My motto is that I’m a patient and creative lover, and childishly immature in everything else.

With that in mind I’ve managed to maintain the excitement in these two extra marital affairs and keep them where I want them to be. Selfish maybe? Possibly, but it’s not a one way street, it takes two to tango, etc…

I’m also sustaining a few shorter term affairs, however every new mistress means greater diligence in order to make sure you stay in control. You must be wary of any signs of excessive attachment that could put everything to risk.

The key is to maintain communication, and make sure that they know where you stand.

There I was about to finish without giving a recommendation of timing. I think that the affair shouldn’t get to the point of having an anniversary. In fact, anywhere from six days to six months can be a good time to end it. The whole point of having an affair is the short term excitement and passion, you don’t want it to turn in to another marriage.