Ok, so you think your partner knows something is up. What do you do?

Find a nice quiet spot to have a thorough little panic attack and get it out of your system. Then, work through the checklist.

What could he/she have found out if they looked in the following places:

Your phone call history
Your text message
Your facebook
Your computer
Your email
Your car
Your purse/wallet

If there’s something incriminating in any of these, and they’ve found it, you’re screwed. Better try and work on a few convincing sounding cover stories and try and call in any favours from friends (not that kind of favour) that can help you establish an alibi and make your lover seem like your stalker that you didn’t want to alarm them about.

A good email to your lawyer on your account about your mistress/man is this strange person who’s been harassing you about going out can be an important piece of defense. See the podcast for more info, once I get around to it.

You’d better hope that your partner is like this one: