Welcome to ehowtohaveanaffair,

I started this site to help me learn and understand why it is people have affairs, and most especially how to not get caught having one!

My name’s Michael Hughes (not real obviously, but I figure you’ve got to call me something) and I’m an electrician by trade, and failing monogamist by definition. On this site I’ll be writing articles to decribe why people have affairs, what not to do, and how to not get caught. I’ll be detailing my own personal experiences at times, but I’ll mainly be talking about those in the podcast.

There’s a handy list of resources for you to utilise, and I’m always up for a bit of a chat about the topic so feel free to email me, or use whatever hip social media thingy that suits you. Just keep it civil.

I guess for me the reason I have been having affairs is because my wife and I married quite young, and the spark disappeared a year or two after our second child was born. We both absolutely love the kids, but my wife feels no sexual desire anymore, due to a bad incident in labor, and also due to the stress of not wanting any more children. I continue to desire sexual gratification, and not just that, but the intellectual connection and excitement that comes with having a new lover. As a result, I’ve been seeing two other women consistently for the past three years now. A 24 year old brunette podiatrist, and a 22 year old blonde med student. Plus a whole host of short term liasons that only last a few months.

Both of my longer term lovers (I prefer that term to mistresses, but I’ll use both throughout the blog) know that I’m a married man and will never leave my wife. And both accept it. They are both in a phase of exploring their sexuality, and one of them sees other men as well.

One of my main advantages is that I’m a musician (no-that doesn’t make me sexier), which allows me a lot of time out of the house for rehearsals and tours. This is something that is critical to anyone who wants to start an extra-marital affair. You need a believable reason to be leaving the house.

Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you are curious, and some of you are maybe disgusted. Whatever. You only get one life, and it’s too short to complain about the behaviour of people who don’t affect it. So take that as a hint before you launch into any tirades over the site. You’ll never truly know a persons situation, so don’t go throwing around judgements.

Now that’s out of the way, I hope you feel welcome to look around. Please join the mailing list, but make sure you use an email that your partner isn’t going to read. That would be too stupid for words.

Michael Hughes